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Gift Lite 4 Hope 2 Puerto Rico

Gift Lite 4 Hope 2 Puerto Rico program

The “Gift Lite 4 Hope 2 Puerto Rico” is a new program created by the Cajun Commissary to provide solar lights to families who have been living in the dark since Hurricane Maria made landfall back in September. For more than two months residents have been trying to survive with little to no food, water, or electricity.

Together Veterans at Sea and the Cajun Commissary are going to brighten people’s lives on the island. Currently more than 90% of Puerto Rico is still without power. While 60% of the power plants are up and running, the power lines going to homes are still down.

100% of all donations to the “Gift Lite 4 Hope 2 Puerto Rico” program will go directly to providing solar lighting to those living in the dark in Puerto Rico.

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The solar lantern is built for the whole family to enjoy together. The unique shape reflects light into every corner of a room. Whether lighting up your home or providing light when walking at night, this light provides an affordable, portable lighting solution. A bright LED solar lamp with dual lighting settings provides four hours of light on the higher setting and eight hours of light on the lower setting. The rugged, durable design protects your product, even if it falls, drops, or is left out in light rain.


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